7/11 at 7

You’re invited to my Avalon Falls, 7/11 at 7 party. The idea is that if you want an ebook copy of my crime novel for adults, Avalon Falls, I’m asking you to consider buying it this Wednesday night, 7/11, at about 7. The price for the ebook is only $2.99! Hopefully, even if there’s just[…]

Writing Projects Update

So, I have 4 different writing projects at various stages of development. Here are the updates on all 4… Avalon Falls AKA, ‘the Crime novel’ I received the Kindle file of Avalon Falls and read through it, noting a few places to make corrections, and I’ve sent it back to the interior design company that’s[…]

Avalon Falls

Several years ago, right after I finished writing All My Holy Mountain in 2007, I wrote a crime novel. I wrote a crime novel for several reasons. It wasn’t a series that would take me half a decade or more to develop and write, like BOTB. In fact, as a stand alone novel that was[…]

Follow My Progress

While the wheels slowly turn in the publishing department, and AMG and I work to get The Darker Road ready for publication, the wheels must also turn in the writing department. So, I’ve set the little progress bar on the the side of my blog to reflect the status of that effort. When you check[…]

The Darker Road

Yes, that’s right. ‘TDR’ stands for The Darker Road. That’s my working title for the first book in The Wandering. Of course, I don’t know for sure yet that either of those will be the actual titles for the book or the series, but they’ve been called that in my head for so long now,[…]

Guest Blog

I was asked in August to consider writing a guest blog for the site, “Speculative Faith.” I finally was able to do that this past week and it has now been posted there. Here’s the link: Speculative Faith Check it out & check out the rest of the site if you’ve never been there. There’s[…]

Batson & Hopper – Take 2!!

As many of you know, my fellow fantasy writers and friends, Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper have undertaken a two book series together, the first book of which came out last November and was called Curse of the Spider King. Well, the second book, called Venom and Song comes out in July, and Wayne[…]