GHC Cincinnati ’17

I am just back from Cincinnati where I attended the GHC Midwest for the first time. Conventions like this can be grueling when you’re manning a booth on your own, but fortunately I had an opportunity to catch-up with three old friends who stopped by to help me pass the time at my booth. To each of them, my gratitude.


The main purpose of this post is that I wanted to send a ‘shout out’ to any and all who stopped by my booth to see what my books were all about. If you are visiting my site after buying a book, or after browsing my titles and thinking about buying one of my books, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by. There were many booths and many products vying for your attention, so I am grateful that you stopped in to see me.


I also wanted to tell you that while I have been fairly dormant on my site of late, there have been periods of productive blogging in the past, so not all hope is lost. More specifically, I wanted to say that there are a fair few posts in my archives that might give you a sense of my writing and about me. Feel free to browse.


Lastly, as I undertake the task of writing “The Elder Star,” the final book in my current series, The Wandering, I intend to blog about the process. You are cordially invited to stop by from time to time and see how it is coming along.



7 thoughts on “GHC Cincinnati ’17

  • I’ve only read your Binding of the Blade series but it still remains on of my favorite series and perhaps the most beautiful one I have read. Thanks a lot for writing it.

    I was wondering, Have you ever considered creating a Goodreads author account? I’d enjoying being able to see what books you are reading and using the questions for author feature. Also, do you have a compiled list of recommended books somewhere on this site?

    • I don’t have a list of recommended books on the site, but would be happy to recommend books from among those that I’ve enjoyed if you’re looking for suggestions. Particular genres or styles for ‘books like …’ to use as a starting point?

      • I like reading Fantasy, Scifi, and medieval fiction, but I would read about any genre as long as the books don’t have a lot of swearing and such.

      • Right now I’m reading a fantasy series by Paul Stewart and a history book about Hannibal 😉 So yeah, I’ll read about any fiction genre (except romance). I do prefer books that realize that war is dark and good people get killed(Terry Brooks is a good example, though he sometimes overdoes it…)

        Thanks a lot 🙂

        • Well, let’s start with the potentially obvious. I always start with someone who likes scifi with “Ender’s Game.” It is a modern classic, so you’ve likely read it, but if you haven’t, it is a must read.

          • Yes, I’ve read that one(still haven’t decided what to think of the ending 😛 ). But besides Issac Asimov and a series by Brandon Sanderson, that’s the only sci-fi I’ve read.

          • OK, so I love the “Foundation” books by Asimov, especially the original trilogy published between ’51 and ’53. I see Asimov as one of the ‘fathers’ of modern sci-fi. If you haven’t read “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury, from ’50, it is another classic. I think Bradbury is another of the ‘fathers’ of modern sci-fi.

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