GHC Cincinnati ’17

I am just back from Cincinnati where I attended the GHC Midwest for the first time. Conventions like this can be grueling when you’re manning a booth on your own, but fortunately I had an opportunity to catch-up with three old friends who stopped by to help me pass the time at my booth. To each[…]

New Interview

With the 3rd annual Realm Makers conference just around the corner – where I will once more be happy to serve on the faculty – I have a new interview posted at the webpage for the Faith and Fantasy Alliance. I have posted the link here for any who might want to go and read[…]

Breaking the Cycle

There’s an inertia that can set in when something like semi-regular blogging gets set aside for something pressing. In my case, it was the final push to finish my novel The Colder Moon before my 12/31/13 deadline. All my available time was poured into making my deadline (which I did, by the way, with a[…]