Leap Year

All right, I’m just going to put this right out there. Anyone who has a blog or personal website or whatever and just ignores the 29th of February is crazy. How can you do that? You won’t get another chance to post on the 29th of February until 2012! So, whatever mundane duties your life[…]

For the Love of It

Do you love it? Do you love writing? When you can’t, when time or life or whatever prevents you from accessing your pen & paper, your keyboard, your microsoft word file, do you hunger for the moment you’ll have the chance again? Is telling a story, crafting a sentence, communicating a thought, an idea, an[…]

The Joraiem Factor

As evidenced even by comments in the last few months on this blog, it looks like some people were upset that Joraiem died at the end of Beyond the Summerland. All right, so that’s a little tongue-in-cheek. The outrage over Joraiem’s death (or “Jory” as a friend of mine likes to refer to him when[…]

Writers & Storytellers

There are all kinds of reasons to write a book, and all kinds of people at some point, contemplate writing a book, actually sit down and write a book, or even vigorously pursue publishing a book. No doubt, then, there’s some artificiality in all attempts to say what “writers” are or are not, since those[…]