Scavenger Hunt Winners!

So the Scavenger Hunt ended on Friday, and now we have the winners! They are: The Grand Prize winner: Renee Manning 2nd Prize: Chris Morcom 3rd Prize: Christa Scott Congratulations! And thanks to all the authors and readers who participated.

The Colder Moon

While I wait for the release of The Darker Road, the first book of my new fantasy series, The Wandering, I am trying to get book three of the series started in earnest. I’ve written much of the prologue, enough to register a full 2% of the projected length of the book. So, I thought[…]

Back To Work

As you may have noticed, the little bar graph on my linkblog that I used from last Fall through this past May to track my progress as I finished “TDR,” is now barely registering at all. That’s because I’ve reset it to track the progress of the new novel I’m working on as of now.[…]

New Book – Take 2

First of all, my apologies to the handful of folks who still faithfully check my blog. I was pretty negligent about updating it during ’09, and while I didn’t exactly make a New Year’s resolution to be better at it in 2010, I will try to be. Secondly, I wanted to update my writing status.[…]


This post is to inform fans of my series and of the fantasy genre in general, that my friend Eric Reinhold, one of the other authors on the Fantasy Fiction Tour ’08, is running a contest at his blogging site that you can access here. Basically, the contest is designed to have you spend some[…]

Fantasy Fiction Tour ’08

Some of you are already aware of this, but this October 4-12, I will be traveling up the west coast with seven other Fantasy authors as part of the Fantasy Fiction Tour ’08. This is a fantastic opportunity for me on a lot of levels. First and foremost, it is a great chance to promote[…]