“Beyond the Summerland” for just 99 cents!

Or even free.

That’s right. You understood me correctly. You can buy “Beyond the Summerland” for just 99 cents!

Here’s the deal. My publisher, P&R, has just made the first book of The Binding of the Blade available for Kindle for 99 cents. You can download it from my Amazon page for BTS here.

I realize many of you already own it, and others don’t have a Kindle, but we’re really hoping you’ll get the word out to anyone and everyone you know who does have a Kindle, so they can download it. We want to spread the word about BOTB to the eBook community, and you can help!

And, if you’d like the file for free, it is currently available from my publisher at their website.

Help me introduce Beyond the Summerland to a whole new world of readers. Spread the word!

6 thoughts on ““Beyond the Summerland” for just 99 cents!

  • Well, let me say first I’m not a tech guy – I don’t actually have a Kindle myself. However, I’m pretty sure these files are for electronic book readers, like the Kindle – so if you’re trying to open it like a normal Microsoft Word file, it may not work.

  • After I saved the file I looked for something that could open ‘.mobi’ files as that is what it was saved as, Gala. I did a google search for one you can download and found this site:


    It’s free, and doesn’t take long to do at all (and you could just put the program on your USB if you really wanted). Then you should be able to open the eBook.

  • Mr. Graham,

    Will it be available to download for the iPad? You really had me going there, because I thought you were talking about the hard copy, because the other four were available for about 4$, so I thought that might be cheap too.

    This is cool to know. If I know anyone who has a Kindle, Sony Reader, or is going to get (they aren’t out yet, pout) an iPad, then I will inform them quickly.


    If you can’t tell, this is written from a Mac by a Mac-lover.

  • You can also download the “Kindle For PC” software, which is free and integrates with the Kindle store.

    Also, I know Amazon either has or will have a free Kindle app for the iPad, because I know they have one for the iPhone.

  • 70%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 😉 😉 ;-)!!!!

    Sorry about the texting language, Mr. Graham, but I wanted to encourage you. 4% boost! Good job.

    Keep up the work,

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