Dreamtreaders Blitz

I’m sure many of my readers are also fans of my friend, Wayne Thomas Batson, so you probably already know he has a new book coming out, the first book in his new Dreamtreaders series. He’s hoping those of you thinking about buying it will participate in his Amazon blitz to help raise the book’s[…]

Breaking the Cycle

There’s an inertia that can set in when something like semi-regular blogging gets set aside for something pressing. In my case, it was the final push to finish my novel The Colder Moon before my 12/31/13 deadline. All my available time was poured into making my deadline (which I did, by the way, with a[…]

Review and …?

I am setting aside my normal blogging routine for the next ten days to run a contest in which I will give away 5 free, autographed copies of The Darker Road, my new novel, which Publisher’s Weekly called “a highly entertaining as well as thoughtful contribution to Christian Fantasy.” Interested in winning a copy? Then[…]

The Darker Road (at last)

It’s time for my Midweek Recommendation, in which I commend to your attention books or music or movies or anything I find worth recommending. All right, so maybe I’m cheating a little bit, but I’m going to talk about my new novel The Darker Road for this week’s ‘midweek recommendation.’ For those of you who[…]

Merlin’s Blade

Almost six years ago I met Robert Treskillard. He contacted me because he was – at the time – an aspiring fantasy writer who lives here in St. Louis and had just heard about me. We got together and talked writing & publishing, and I heard all about his very cool, very different take on[…]

Avalon Falls – Free

From Wednesday, November 21st through Sunday, November 25th, Avalon Falls is available for free at Amazon as a kindle download. Spread the word. Tell your friends, and then tell them again. By all means, download and enjoy. And please, read responsibly. And then, if you like it, perhaps you’d be willing to post a kind[…]

Fantastic Cover for R3

While there are many challenges in ‘indie’ publishing, one of the really beautiful things is the creative control you retain in areas that normally you don’t have much say in, and cover art would be one of those areas. I’m very excited about the story in The Raft, The River, and The Robot, (the book[…]