Merlin’s Blade

Almost six years ago I met Robert Treskillard. He contacted me because he was – at the time – an aspiring fantasy writer who lives here in St. Louis and had just heard about me. We got together and talked writing & publishing, and I heard all about his very cool, very different take on the well-known story of Merlin & Arthur.

Since Rob is a technical guru, he set up this blog for me, and he has helped me with it ever since. We’ve continued to meet over the years, talking shop, as it were, as both of us pursued the next chapter in our writing lives.

That’s why I’m glad to announce the release yesterday of his first novel, Merlin’s Blade. The book is with Zondervan, which hopefully means it will be widely distributed and well supported. Check out below the cover graphic for some endorsements Rob has received from some other authors.

“A fresh approach to an ancient genre … an absolute must-read.”
– Award winning author Douglas Bond

“A fabulous re-imagining of the legends.”
– Christian fantasy author Scott Appleton

“Turn the pages, and you can almost feel the fog rolling in off the moors, smell the low heather, and catch a glint off a blade.”
– Best selling author Wayne Thomas Batson

“Treskillard builds a real person in Merlin … whose belief in honor and family make him a figure to cheer for.”
– Christy Award winning author Jill Williamson

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