The Colder Moon

While I wait for the release of The Darker Road, the first book of my new fantasy series, The Wandering, I am trying to get book three of the series started in earnest. I’ve written much of the prologue, enough to register a full 2% of the projected length of the book. So, I thought it was time to announce the working title – The Colder Moon, and to say you can follow the progress of the book here throughout the year. Just drop by and see how far the progress bar has moved (or not!) and you’ll know how things are going.

The Lesser Sun, my working title for Book 2 of The Wandering was turned in to AMG in December, but a release date is not yet known for it. The Darker Road will hopefully be ready and available in June.

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  • Awesome! So excited for TDR to come out!

    I have a question: on Amazon, they show a cover for TDR. Is the one they show the working cover & style art for the series? I was curious how much you were able to work with the design for the books, or if it was pretty much up to them.

  • The cover is basically the publisher’s call. For example, I had some say with the BOTB covers except for AMHM, where I basically had none. With TDR, I had a chance to make some suggestions early on and then a few recommendations after the fact, but the cover artist & the publisher run the show.

  • I’m really excited to read the new series. I can’t wait.
    I just got a job so I’ll save some money so I can get it as soon as it comes out.
    Out of curiosity, which book did you more enjoy writing, Beyond the Summerland or The Darker Road? And which do you think you would more enjoy reading if you had not been the author?
    Looking forward to June.

  • I’m not sure how to compare either the writing or reading experience of BTS & TDR. BTS was my first complete novel, and by TDR, I’d written several. I feel like I was just a better writer by the time I got to TDR, but whether that means people will like reading it more, I can’t say.

  • I am looking forward to the new books as well, binding of the blade is the best series ever, and I am wondering if your new books will be in a fantasy/dragon world like kirthanin, or in more modern times. Thank you for BOTB.

  • Does the story have a parallel era of our world? (ie “modern” “industrial era”…)? Looking forward to the series. I have read BOTB THREE times and loved it, As a general rule, I wait until all the books in a series are released before reading them but I might break rule this time.

  • Cannot wait til TDR comes out!!! I absolutely loved BOTB and your writing of that series just captured me from the beginning! I won’t do any speculation on the Wandering series except to say your storytelling is exceptional!!

  • Hello! 🙂 I was just wondering, is the first book of The Colder Moon out yet? What is it called?

  • My current series is “The Wandering,” and the first book in the series is “The Darker Road,” which came out last year. The next book should be out later this year, and it is called “The Lesser Sun.” “The Colder Moon” is the name of book 3, and it should be out next year…

  • We’re wondering if there is a release date for “The Colder Moon” yet?

  • Hello! I love all of your work; BotB, The Darker Road, The Raft the River and the Robot, Avalon Falls. I never thought I would find another world builder as good as Tolkien, but I was wrong by a long shot! Anyway, I was wondering how progress was coming on The Colder Moon and if you have a rough estimate as to when it will be released. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get into the next book.

  • I wish I had good news for you, but AMG has decided not to continue with the series. So, even though I finished writing “The Colder Moon” two years ago, I don’t know when it will be published. I do hope at some point to publish it myself, but I have no idea when that might be. Sorry!

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