Remembering Jack

Yes, it is true that the United States will spend today remembering the assassination of JFK, and I suppose that this is appropriate. He was not a just a president but an iconic figure, and his death is a landmark moment in time. And yet, for me, today is the 50th anniversary of something much[…]

High School Football

It’s time for my Midweek Recommendation, in which I commend to your attention books or music or movies or anything I find worth recommending. Go watch a high school football game. That’s my midweek recommendation. Now, I know some of you aren’t sports fans, so you can feel free to ignore this. For those of[…]

Weekly Goal

In lieu of a ‘Sunday Reflection,’ I am taking a minute to update my progress on my current novel, The Colder Moon. The third book in my new series, The Wandering, it is due to my publisher at the end of December. I’ve been running a bit behind, but after a pretty good week last[…]