Weekly Goal

In lieu of a ‘Sunday Reflection,’ I am taking a minute to update my progress on my current novel, The Colder Moon. The third book in my new series, The Wandering, it is due to my publisher at the end of December. I’ve been running a bit behind, but after a pretty good week last week, I sat down and mapped out what I needed to do to finish on time, and essentially, it boiled down to writing about 20 pages per week for nine straight weeks.

Twenty pages a week isn’t crazy, but doing it for nine straight weeks could prove a challenge. Still, with the first week of my 9 week challenge coming to a close tonight, I’m glad to say that I basically met my goal. (Technically, I only wrote 19 pages, but as page number 19 was the end of a chapter, I’m wrapping it up and calling it a week.)

Now, I need to do this again each week for the next 8 weeks, and if I can do that, I’ll be finished with The Colder Moon. Whether I meet my goal each week or not, I’ll try to check back in each Sunday night with an update on my progress, as a kind of public accountability thing. Hopefully the extra motivation of not wanting to have to admit I didn’t reach my goal here will help me reach my goal.

And as for you, if you haven’t picked up a copy of The Darker Road yet, the first book in The Wandering, what are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Goal

  • Wow! Twenty pages a week is a pretty hard goal to keep up. I’m going to try the same goal for my novel and see if I can pull it off too.

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