Soundtrack Action

It’s time for my Midweek Recommendation, in which I commend to your attention books or music or movies or anything I find worth recommending.

I’m a big fan of ‘soundtrack’ music, in part because I’m a big fan of movies, and sometimes the music is an essential part of what I fall in love with. I have lots of soundtrack music that conjures up powerful emotions by transporting me into the scenes they come from, and I’m plenty OK with that.

That’s not always the case. Some of the soundtrack music I fall for comes from things that I watch and might like or might not, but I notice the music and want to hear it again. One example of this kind of soundtrack is the theme song from “The Pacific,” the long-awaited HBO follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Band of Brothers” miniseries.

Now, I liked “The Pacific” well enough, I just didn’t think it was anywhere near as good as “Band of Brothers.” However, as I listened to the main theme, “Honor,” which played under the opening credits every episode, I was increasingly drawn to it. In the end, I had to go to iTunes and buy it, and now it has a privileged place in my massive ‘Soundtrack’ playlist. If you don’t know the piece, and if you like soundtrack music too, I recommend you drop by iTunes or some similar online vendor where you can sample it and give it a listen.

(It is great mood music for writing, too, by the way – for all you writers out there…)