Leap Year Again

Here’s what I posted 4 years ago… All right, I’m just going to put this right out there. Anyone who has a blog or personal website or whatever and just ignores the 29th of February is crazy. How can you do that? You won’t get another chance to post on the 29th of February until[…]

Welcome to Barra-Dohn

From the very first page, The Darker Road will feel very different then The Binding of the Blade. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the shift in setting. Much of the book takes place in the city of Barra-Dohn, a proud and mighty city, surrounded by a sea[…]

Follow My Progress

While the wheels slowly turn in the publishing department, and AMG and I work to get The Darker Road ready for publication, the wheels must also turn in the writing department. So, I’ve set the little progress bar on the the side of my blog to reflect the status of that effort. When you check[…]

Farewell to Kirthanin

I almost called this post “A Whole New World,” but suddenly the sights and sounds of Aladdin rose up before me and convinced me this wasn’t the way to go. Of course, by telling you this, I’ve just evoked those same sights and sounds, but so be it. Once I’d realized the connection, I just[…]