Leap Year Again

Here’s what I posted 4 years ago…

All right, I’m just going to put this right out there. Anyone who has a blog or personal website or whatever and just ignores the 29th of February is crazy. How can you do that? You won’t get another chance to post on the 29th of February until 2012!

So, whatever mundane duties your life and maintaining it might require of you today, you have to take a minute to celebrate leap year. What a cool notion, that every 4 years, we get a bonus day. Hey everybody, the month that got seriously short-changed when days were being handed out just got its once-every-four-years reprieve. Sure, it’s still the shortest month of the year like it is every year, but com’on, at least it’s able this year to put in a respectable showing.

Sadly, like most things in life, it can’t last. Night will fall. February will pass quietly away. We’ll wake up and it will be March. And then? Then the long wait for 2/29/12 will begin.

I’m sure when I wrote that, February 29th, 2012, seemed impossibly far away. Well, I guess it wasn’t, cause here we are. Of course, the knowledge that it wasn’t impossibly far way doesn’t stop me from making the same mistake again, but you agree with me, don’t you? Doesn’t February 29, 2016, feel like a long, long time away?

I know that it’ll be here before I know it, but I don’t want to think too much about that, as it’ll mean both my kids will be in High School and my son on the brink of graduation. (Oh no, college bills!) And – to tie this to my new series – it’ll most likely mean that at least the first trilogy in The Wandering will be in print. Now that’s enjoyable to think about!

Let’s do this again in four years, shall we?

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