Welcome to Barra-Dohn

From the very first page, The Darker Road will feel very different then The Binding of the Blade. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the shift in setting. Much of the book takes place in the city of Barra-Dohn, a proud and mighty city, surrounded by a sea of sand. It’s a long way from the rolling grasslands of Suthanin and the cool by-the-seaside feel of Sulare.

And make no mistake, the harder land is deliberate, setting the tone for a much harder world.

Barra-Dohn – the city of might and power – is the city’s current name. Once, long ago, it was known as Zeru-Shalim, the city of light and peace. The name has changed, though, as the city and those who live in it have changed. Indeed, the name has changed, as all the world has changed. For Kalos, who made the world, has been forgotten. Consequently, light and peace – though still desirable, to be sure – pale by comparison with might and power.

Barra-Dohn is indeed mighty, and it is powerful. For there, a thousand years ago, the secret of meridium was discovered. There, the power of meridium was unleashed, and now Barra-Dohn rules over the Five Cities, who were once her equal. Now, Barra-Dohn is the seat of an empire that covers all of Aralyn.

And in Barra-Dohn there lives a King, Eirmon Omiir. Eirmon epitomizes the spirit of Barra-Dohn, for he loves nothing so much as he loves might and power. In fact, he has dedicated his life to securing and extending that power.

Eirmon has a secret, and Eirmon has a plan – but Eirmon is on a collision course with destiny, and so is Barra-Dohn.

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