Cover for The Colder Moon

Now that I have cover art for The Colder Moon, I wanted to share it. As with The Darker Road and The Lesser Sun, the cover was designed by Daryle Beam of Bright Boy Designs and illustrated by his brother-in-law, Michael Salter. And, like those covers, I think it looks great.



2 thoughts on “Cover for The Colder Moon

  • Wow!!! So awesome! I literally just went to my bookshelf five minutes ago, saw the first two of the Wandering and thought, “I need to get online and check back on the status of Colder Moon, I’ve got to hear the rest of this story!” The cover looks great, it’s my favorite of the three. 🙂 Please do keep us updated on the release, I’m excited to get it.
    Thanks for continuing to write excellent, honest, and compelling fiction, and thanks for persevering in patience as an artist/writer. God has encouraged me greatly through your work. Have a great day!

    • Graham – thanks for the kind words. Having actually written “The Colder Moon” in 2013, it is great to be so close. Should have everything uploaded at CreateSpace soon, so the link at Amazon should be live not long after that. Will certainly post when it is.

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