The Home Stretch

Some of you have been following the little ‘progress’ bar on the side of my blog, and have noted that the rate of its movement has increased. That’s certainly true. I don’t know how universal this may be – I suspect it is pretty common – but the end of a book often comes faster[…]

Peter’s Story – Footnotes

2 Quick Follow-Up Notes… (1) The four previous posts with the term “Peter’s Story” in the titles should be read in order, from “Peter’s Story – Maundy Thursday” forward to “Peter’s Story – Easter.” You’d figure it out eventually, but I thought I’d save you some grief if you’re interested but you’ve come to them[…]

Peter’s Story – The Sabbath

I didn’t think I would sleep last night, but I did. It was a troubled sleep, restless and full of bad dreams. Waking was worse, though, as no bad dream could be as bad as the darkness to which I opened my eyes. We are resting today, in keeping with the commandment, but I don’t[…]

Peter’s Story – Good Friday

They crucified Him between two common criminals. It shouldn’t have been like that. I should have been with Him. When they accused me of being one of His disciples, I should have stepped forward and said, “That’s right, I’m a follower of Jesus.” I might have ended up hanging right beside Him, but at least[…]

Peter’s Story – Maundy Thursday

It was strange, the Teachers’s instructions. Go into the town, find the man carrying the jar, ask him about a room for the Passover. But, we have learned over the years that Jesus doesn’t always like to tell us everything, so we went and did what he asked. The Passover was strange too. Jesus spoke[…]