Weekly Goal – Take 3

Well, I knew it would be tough to hit my 20 pages a week goal this week, and I didn’t get there. However, I did manage to get 15 done, and I feel pretty good about that. Given the busyness, it wasn’t a bad job. What’s more, while I haven’t managed the 60 I would have needed to be on pace through three weeks, I have written 54, and that’s pretty good.

I should say that when I started working on the first chapter in front of me this week, that something strange happened. I suddenly realized that this chapter was going to be about something else entirely. In fact, I suddenly realized that a character I hadn’t planned on ‘killing’ so soon wasn’t going to survive the chapter. (Uh oh, here I am again, up to my old tricks, killing people off…)

And, sure enough, this character is now dead and I have to rethink some things going forward. Still, I was strangely sure it was the right move and that the time had come. I wonder what other surprises await me as I push on toward the close of this novel? I guess I’ll see in the next six weeks, as that is about how much time I have to get it finished.

This week, if all goes well, I’ll finish the second major part of the book and perhaps begin work on the third and final section. I tend to close pretty fast as more and more of the pieces come together, so I remain hopeful that I can meet my December 31st deadline. Again, we shall see!

Have a good week all!

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