Avalon Falls – Free

From Wednesday, November 21st through Sunday, November 25th, Avalon Falls is available for free at Amazon as a kindle download. Spread the word. Tell your friends, and then tell them again.

By all means, download and enjoy. And please, read responsibly.

And then, if you like it, perhaps you’d be willing to post a kind review…

2 thoughts on “Avalon Falls – Free

  • “Once completed, Sky City will contain low-income housing, luxury condos, a hospital, a school, and retail space. And, BSB claims, it’ll be strong enough to resist a 9.0 magnitude earthquake. In theory, if a grocery store moves into one the retail spaces, you could be born in Sky City and never have to leave.”
    Saw this on yahoo and thought of R3.
    I got Avalon Falls. I think my mom is going to read it.

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