Fantastic Cover for R3

While there are many challenges in ‘indie’ publishing, one of the really beautiful things is the creative control you retain in areas that normally you don’t have much say in, and cover art would be one of those areas. I’m very excited about the story in The Raft, The River, and The Robot, (the book I commonly refer to as R3), so I wanted the cover to be just right. I’m very pleased to reveal the artwork for that cover, and I hope you’ll agree that it is pretty fantastic!

Once again, as with Avalon Falls, I am indebted to the considerable artistic talents of Abe Goolsby. The spine and back cover are similarly fantastic – for those who will buy the paperback – but I hope everyone will enjoy the front cover, as well as the story within.

I don’t have a precise time-table for the release of R3, but look for news about it in late September, early October.

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