This post is to inform fans of my series and of the fantasy genre in general, that my friend Eric Reinhold, one of the other authors on the Fantasy Fiction Tour ’08, is running a contest at his blogging site that you can access here. Basically, the contest is designed to have you spend some time at all the websites for each of the Tour authors, and if you can answer a question correctly for all the sites, you can win a free book from any of the 8 authors. This could be a terrific opportunity to dive in and try a book from one of the other authors if you’ve ever thought “that looks interesting, I should try that book.”

So go to Eric’s site, read the rules of the contest, and happy hunting! If you’d like to read more about Eric, he’s the featured author this week at the Tour website which you can access here, so go read his interview if you’d like to know more about him.