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For all those fans of The Binding of the Blade who were sad when it ended with All My Holy Mountain, this might come as a bit of good news. I’ve begun discussion with P&R about writing a few stories/vignettes from the world and history of Kirthanin, with the thought that we’d make them available as free PDF downloads on the official Binding of the Blade website.

This isn’t definite yet, but I’m currently thinking about what stories I’d like to write if I go ahead with this plan. My hope, at this point, is to write three and release them periodically throughout 2009, maybe spring/summer, fall and winter.

O.K. so here’s where this post becomes more than just information. I have some ideas about what I’d like to write, but I thought I’d invite fans of the series to supply some suggestions. So, any ideas out there? If so, post a comment here and let me know.

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  • That would be WAY cool!!! As for ideas, you could do a more in-depth thing on Corindel’s (sp) betrayal of the Great Bear. Or something as a sort of epilogue, about the making new of Kirthanin and all that.


  • This would be a great idea. Ideas would be a look into a point in time of the Kalen Seir.Or a story highlighting the resettling of Nolthanin maybe peeking in on a Kiela and Benjiah, those crazy kids budding relationship really interested me in All My Holy Mountain.

    Perhaps a story highlighting the meeting a Toshti and Aljeron. Personally im more interested more in peeks into life after the books. Theres not a whole lot of stuff that took place pre BTSL that i thought id like to see flushed out more. I tend to be a charecter guy and my real interest was in what happened in the lives of charecter after AMHM.

  • I purchased Book 1 from the Motiv8 tour and read it a month or more ago. I can’t get the story out of my mind and am looking forward to reading the rest. Already, though, it would be fun to see more “shorts.” So far, the story is great!

  • The earlier lives of some of the characters would be cool, esp. Aljeron and maybe Wylla and her brothers.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions so far, keep them coming.

    For Dona – I’m glad you liked BTS. I look forward to hearing what you think of the complete series.
    For Scott – If this was going to be long enough to be a book, I’d probably go the conventional book route. Since these are only shorts, POD doesn’t make as much sense to me. Ie, if you prefer reading it in paper form, the idea is you’d just print off the PDF file and read it that way. These won’t be that long.

  • Like Kale, I also would be very interested in reading about the early lives of the characters, specifically about Joraiem and Aljeron. The Someris’ childhoods would also be neat. Another idea is a more in-depth account of life before Malek’s betrayal, or how Valzaan/Alazare continued before meeting/being called to meet Joraiem and the others. Those are just my ideas.

  • Well i really hope this works out. As for ideas, I really liked the twins so… some back story on them would be great. Also Aljeron and koshti stories would be great.

  • But don’t let this take away from writing new books!!!

    I sort of have a one-track mind, see earlier comments….

  • I’d like to see a bit of what happened between Beyond the Summerland and the rest of the series, perhaps some of the early action in the war against Rulalin.

  • I would be very interesting in finding out what REALLY happened to Corindel in the mountain, and more detail into the betrayal of the Great Bear and Corindel going against the council…

  • This is a great idea LB!

    I would love to hear about the second war Malek waged. Maybe a little of Valzaan/Erevir’s part in the war. Or about the battle between Sulmandyr and Vusultyr.

    Also I read in the BOTB forum where someone suggested telling the story behind Suruna. That would be awesome.

    The only other thing I would like to see what all the characters, specifically Aljeron, Benjiah, and Joriaem, are up to after AMHM.

  • I’d like to read more about the background of Valzaan. Or maybe the dragons being driven from their towers.

  • Sounds great!
    Just as a warning to do with writing tidbits on post-AMHM ideas — sometimes that takes away from the conclusion of the story. Or maybe I should say lack of conclusion. There’s a certain amount where unsaid things leave a more epic and satisfying ending, rather than fleshing out ideas that do well just left to the imagination.
    Still, the idea sounds great, and pre-BtS or stuff in the middle that is unfocused on (such as a touch into someone else’s view on the war, like one of the enemy) would be awesome.

  • Joe – You’ve hit on one thing I’ve been thinking about lately, writing a vignette about a Grendolai assaulting a Dragon Tower. I think that would be a cool “extra.”

    Tror – I am very reluctant to touch the end of AMHM. I think the basic mystery of “what will be” needs to be preserved. Before the series in Kirthanin and alternate/supplemental materials for during are fair game, though.

  • You should do one on the, I can’t remember its name, but the civil war before Malek’s return from the forbidden isle. Like what led up to it, who was winning, sides involved, people involved etc.

  • Oh, there’s so much Kirthanin history to uncover! What I really want to know is how Malek created the Kumatin, Rucaran the Great, the Malekim, etc.

    But I would like to know about Alazare’s transformation to Erevir, why Erevir then became Valzaan, and what caused the War of Division. Oh, and maybe who the prophets of the Kalin Seir were and why there weren’t any when Aljeron et al showed up.

    One more thing; perhaps the restoration of the Forbidden Isle and the homecoming of the Vulsutyrim? I know that’s after AMHM, but I keep wondering!

  • Araken’s post reminded me of something.

    It’d be awesome to have a story about (and from their point of view) one of the other “minor prophets”. I don’t know how common they were, but Valzaan refers to any person being able to be called as a prophet, and it seems that there must have been others under Erevir and then Valzaan over the course of Kirthanin history.

  • Oh, there’s another thing I’m curious about; whenever the dragons and the giants are around, they are all male, hence the Sons of Vulsutyr and the Sons of Sulmandir. What became of their female counterparts? Was it an, ‘Alas, we lost the entwives’ thing?

    Also, what became of the pavilion of Nolthanim women at the foot of Agia Muldonai?

    Ooh! Sorry, one more thing; what became of Tashmiren’s trip to the Forbidden Isle with the Vulsutyrim to retrieve the Novaana? Oh, and how did the Kumatin get out of its holding tank?

    Last thing, I promise: what became of Darias?

    Ok, I’m done for now!

  • I love these books and stories but agree that the mystery at the end needs to be preserved. Also, I think you did a great job developing and fleshing out characters. Further short snippets will simply be like dinner mints after a fine steak dinner.

    My hearts desire as a fan who has ready you from the 1st week your book hit the shelf…pour 100% of you writing into the next great story…finding that publisher and agent and getting the next adventure into our hands…

    My suggestion, and I’m serious here…ninjas. Ninjas are fascinating and I have yet to read a truly great ninja story…haha, okay maybe I’m kidding a little…but Thomas Wayne Batson did a great job with Pirates. Ninjas are better and obviously you are a brilliant writer…I’m just saying…

  • Hey. It’s Anna again. I commented a little while back. Well, my cousin and I finally got ahold of Bringer of Storms- wow, are we excited! Specifically, she’s the one that owns it, so I’m begging her to finish it quickly. My cousin is a bit of a strange nut… one moment she says, “Don’t peek ahead!” and the next asks me, “Can I tell you this part? Please?”
    Funny thing, getting the book in the first place was hard. All the libraries we checked had every book EXCEPT, of course, Bringer of Storms. But we have it now, and I’m in a frenzy of anticipation… Waiting to meet Benjiah, who my cousin likes so much, and longing to catch up with Aljeron, who’s my favorite…
    But I’m really just rambling here and wasting your time. Sorry about that.
    p.s. Ninjas are good. Very good. Though personally I prefer Pirates and Cloaked Wanderers any day. 😀

  • Anna,

    I can’t speak for every writer, but a fan who takes the time to come to an author’s website, bubbling with enthusiasm to read his/her book, is never a waste of time. At least, not to me. It is encouraging to know someone out there is still eagerly anticipating “Bringer of Storms.” For what it is worth, I think the next book, “Shadow in the Deep” is the second best in the series, and the last, “All My Holy Mountain,” is the best. Enjoy!


  • Hey, Mr. Graham. I accidentally posted my ideas for your stories on your All my Holy Mountain post…and didn’t know if I should retype it or something. Sorry for the inconvenience, but if you could just take a short peek at that, that would be great 🙂 P.S. Thanks for the books!

  • Mr Graham I think your books are relly good, and are glad your going to write a bit more about Kirthanin. I would like to see a story about Darias and what he did in the war,or about how the assembly worked, or how the novanna came to be, or about a minor prophet. Hey, why don’t you just write a book of short stories?

  • LB, that’s awesome!!! I’m so happy to even hear that it might happen!

    I would definitely like to hear more about Corindel. What really did happen to him on the Mountain, and after betraying the draal?

    Also, more about the dragons. I’m just fascinated with them!

    And, I’d love to hear more about Valzaan!


  • Gosh, I have to add that I’ve read all the posts above, and (for the most part), I would LOVE to hear those stories as well!

  • Hey I agree with some of the people I would really love to know what happens after AMHM you built the charicters great. i was sad when the last book ended I wanted it to keep going. I think your the best author of our time at first I didn’t want to read BTS but then I did and I loved it it was the best. I never wanted to stop reading it. Plz wright about what happeds after AMHM. Good bye for now. Love your stories LB

  • I would love to read about Joraiem and his life before he left for the Summerland. Maybe something about he and Evrim becoming friends or adventures they had. I would also love to read about the Kalin Seir, I would like to read about Alazare becoming Valzaan and Erevir. I would really like to read anything about Kirthinan in general!!

  • I think it would be cool to read the reaction of Wylla’s when she saw Joraiem come back ‘to life’ in All My Holy Mountain. It also would be interesting to read more about the Titans. It would also be a bit interesting to read about some Benjiah/Joraiem time, when they finally get to talk or do something together. That would be cool. :)I will be waiting for the vignettes!

  • All great ideas! I like the Erevir, Grendolai, and Corindel ideas best. But really I just want to say- I come around about once a week hoping to here about a publisher for a new series!

  • Wow! It’s been a while since I read the series and the forums (got a new password) but I’m really looking forward to these PDF Mini-Stories. I would love for it to be about Joraiem Andira and Wylla. So… Aljeron meets Joraiem and similar stuff like that.

    (BTW, Best BOOKS every LB. Better than Left Behind (The Kids) and Several others)

  • Araken really got my curiousity roused- where are the “Mothers” of the Dragons and Vulstrym?
    Another idea would be the creation of Kirthanin- like what C. S. Lewis did in that one book whose name escapes me.

  • do u think u could finish off the keila-benjiah story as it cuts off after joraiem’s reuniun. I think a book of shorts storys would be great. and full credit to corindel,grendolai,titans, vulstyrm and before and after with joraiem (ie aljeron and evrim).

  • I would like to know what becomes of Keila and Benjiah, as well as what happened to Sulare. Was it swallowed by the sea? And if not, did Keila and Benjiah get married there? Also, did Pedraan and the other Novaana ever make the journey back to Sulare and sail the Forgotten Waters as they desired in SotD?

  • I’m afraid any more writings about life after Maleks demise will ruin the enchantment of the very story. I think that’s more something to read about in Revelation 21 and 22, and to think and phantasize about yourself.
    For the rest many good ideas I think, I’d love some more stories! Maybe one about life in the mountain, from the point of view of that friend of Farimaal’s maybe (what’s his name again??). And about Corindel, I would like that too!

  • This sounds like an awesome idea: giving history background to the main plot would explain other information better and answer unanswered questions.
    I would suggest focusing on either the history or story of dragons, the creation and lives of the Vulsutyrim, or Malek’s story after his fall.

    I am very excited to see where God leads you in the upcoming years.
    God bless!

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