7/11 at 7

You’re invited to my Avalon Falls, 7/11 at 7 party. The idea is that if you want an ebook copy of my crime novel for adults, Avalon Falls, I’m asking you to consider buying it this Wednesday night, 7/11, at about 7. The price for the ebook is only $2.99!

Hopefully, even if there’s just a small, initial cluster of purchases then, it will raise the book’s online profile, at least a little bit. You can already view the book and download the first 20% for free at Smashwords, and if you’d like to preview it, I recommend you go there and check that out. By Wednesday, it should also be ready at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, if you prefer shopping at either of those stores.

Of course, if you do buy it & read it and like it, I’d love for you to post a favorable review at any or all of those sites – but only if you can in good conscience do so!

Also, if you are holding out for the paperback version, that shouldn’t be too long now. I’m waiting for the PDF formatted for CreateSpace, and when I have it, that too will be available for purchase at Amazon – though not for $2.99, unfortunately. A final price hasn’t been determined yet, as it depends largely on the final page count.

Remember, Avalon Falls is intended for an adult audience, as some of the themes it deals with are not for children.

See you online, 7/11 at 7!

4 thoughts on “7/11 at 7

  • Waiting for the paper copy……… 🙂
    It has been far too long since I’ve had a new Graham book to read!

  • I tried to buy it on Wednesday, but I had account problems. I bought it today though. I am bringing it on vacation. I am so excited!!!!! It has been so long since I read anything from you.

  • I’m glad you were able to get it & sorry about the account issues. It is – obviously – very different then BOTB, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. My futuristic book in September and my fantasy novel in March, though both very different in many ways from BOTB, are more similar in that they’re all, broadly, speculative fiction. AF is darker, but much of my writing about the ‘real’ world is darker, I’m afraid. Maybe that’s why I also write speculative fiction!

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