Avalon Falls available in Paperback

It took a little longer than expected, but the Amazon page for the paperback version of Avalon Falls is up and the paperback is available. The cost for the paperback is $11.99, and it can be bundled with other Amazon items to get the free ‘SuperSaver Shipping’ if you’d like.

The ebook version is $2.99 and it is available at Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and at Smashwords.

In other news, my page count for The Lesser Sun just hit 161, which is approximately 40% of my estimated page length of 400. The word count stands right now at about 60k, and that’s a little higher than 40% of the estimated final word count of 140k.

And lastly, I received a more detailed sketch of my cover for The Raft, the River and the Robot, and it is fantastic. My cover artist, Abe Goolsby, is doing a fantastic job, and the cover is going to excellent. Everything is on track for that project to be finished and ready to upload in early September, and I can’t wait. R3 as it is affectionately known to me and a handful of friends is perhaps my best work to date.

Of course, I’ll be interested to hear what you, the reading public thinks about that, and if you agree.

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  • Finally! Suddenly seems like everything is moving. All these books in a short time after such a wait!

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