Back in Business… (Almost)

Well, I’ve been so negligent about blogging, it’s hard to know how to begin. The good news for the few of you who still occasionally check here in the hope of finding an update is that I should have an announcement to make soon. Hopefully very soon, and I know, it has been a long time coming.

I’ve actually been pretty busy on a variety of fronts, but I expect to return to at least semi-regular posting here, and hopefully some of those readers who have drifted away with my inactivity will return. If you have friends who have at various times enjoyed my books and occasionally visited my site but have stopped dropping by, encourage them to come on back.

Especially with the aforementioned announcement looming in the not-so-far-distant-future…

9 thoughts on “Back in Business… (Almost)

  • Very excited about your up-and-coming announcement! It has indeed been a long time coming, but I trust it’s worth it. As always, blessings and encouragement from Him to you!

    TDR? The classic with a twist? Which will it be….? 🙂

  • The announcement will deal with the “TDR” novel, which hopefully very soon, will no longer need to be referred to around here as TDR, unless its just to save effort & refer to it quickly. 🙂

  • Funny. I just asked your brother about future books you may have coming Saturday. Our kids are in the co-op at KPC and my oldest enjoys your books

  • Well please know that our 12 year old believes book 1 of TBOTB is “6-stars…better that Lord of the Rings and even with Harry Potter.”

  • Better than LOTR & even with Harry Potter is high praise. I hope he’ll like this new project too.

    Rob, thanks for the well-wishing. You know what a long process this is & has been, better than most!

  • wow. glad i decided to check back. Good to see you’re “back in business”. Can’t wait to hear more from you! I’m about to read your newer stuff about the darker road and all. Looks good.

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