Well, I finished the rough draft of the novel I’ve been working on today. I started in the Fall of 2008, put it aside after writing about a hundred pages, then picked it back up this school year. I estimated it would run about 400 of my pages and 140K words. The file I just[…]

Technical Difficulties

The point of this brief post is to apologize to anyone who tried to access my blog over the last week or so and ran into technical difficulties. The service that hosts my site migrated it to a new platform just over a week ago, and that’s where the problems began. Thankfully, my friend Rob[…]

Facebook, Finally

Well, I’ve finally bowed the knee to modernity and reactivated my short-lived Facebook account that I first opened a few years back. I eventually deactivated it because I didn’t really use it very much and at the time, didn’t think I ever would. So why bring it back? The main reason is that after a[…]

Curse of the Spider King

Authors Wayne Batson and Christopher Hopper – two of the other seven authors that I had the privilege of touring the West Coast with last October – have a great contest going on to promote their new book, Curse of the Spider King. Follow this link and check it out!

What Did You Get?

Christmas has come and gone once more, and now the dawning of the New Year awaits. For children, it is so hard to let Christmas go as it fades in the rearview mirror. After all, there is so much anticipation and build up, they feel it is somehow wrong that the day can simply pass[…]