Clive Staples Award & Update

Speaking of C.S. Lewis (see previous post), for the next two and a half weeks, fans of BOTB will have a chance to vote for All My Holy Mountain to win the Clive Staples Award, which is a new award that some folks are trying to launch to support Christian Speculative Fiction. If you’re interesting in voting – even if you won’t vote for AMHM – then follow the link here. Voting will close on November 30th, so go now if you’re interested.

Let me take this chance to again thank my many fans for supporting BOTB, and to encourage you that work on a new fantasy novel is proceeding, even if not always as quickly as I’d like. I’m a little over 61,000 words in, which is probably almost halfway, so if things go quickly, we could be ready to shop the book in late spring or summer 2010.

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  • I do, but I’ve been encouraged not to disclose things like that online when a book isn’t yet under contract. You probably already know it, James, as its the same fantasy book I started over a year ago, and you were one of the folks who discussed it with me. 🙂 Unless I have the wrong James K, and if I do, ignore this question – how’s Tazzy?

  • Sadly, even if I am finished in 6th months, it will be longer before you can enjoy it. Even if a publisher buys the book, it usually takes at least a year for a book to make it into print after submission – at least, that’s a decent estimate of the time the process has taken for me so far. So, I’d say that summer 2011 is probably the earliest it would be out, and that’s if I can sell it!

  • This is the James K you’re thinking of. I was hoping that this new book was the fantasy project we had discussed, and can’t wait to see the world unfold! Especially that thing – you know, the thing with the stuff. 🙂 Tassie is great; it’s a beautiful place during the summer (worth suffering through the winter for).

  • Hi Mr. Graham,

    I couldn’t find any contact info for you, so I’ll just comment on here.
    I read your Binding of the Blade series and was completely enthralled! You are an amazing writer, rarely have I ever been so enthusiastic about reading books. These are the kind of books that people read for, hoping to find those “special” gems that create a magical moment in your memory. For me your books created many, thank you!

    Brian Appleton

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