Interview at “Where the Map Ends”

This is just a quick post to direct those who are interested to my interview at “Where the Map Ends.” You can follow the link that is in my sidebar to the site and then click on the “Interviews” heading, or you can just click here. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Interview at “Where the Map Ends”

  • This is unconnected to the interview, but I was reading a book of Norse mythology–From Asgard to Vahalla–and it mentions a different book where Odin[disguised] asks the question “What did Odin whisper in Balder’s ear when his son was on the funeral phire?” It is suggested that the word was ‘Resurrection.’
    Had you heard of something similar when Alazaare whispers ‘Resurrection’ in Balimere’s ear?

  • YES! That was absolutely the inspiration for that scene! Well discovered. You might be the first to ever ask me that question, though there are some former students of mine to whom I taught Norse Mythology, who have probably already connected those dots…

  • You should really update this site more often. I mean i can understand that you are probably really busy and all but… I really like reading what you have to say. Anyway, just a thought.

  • Hey Mr. Graham!
    Wow. What can I say? I LOVE your books! I’m sure you’ve heard this more times then you can count :] but I just wanted to reiterate to you: “Beyond the Summerland” hooked me in from the start. The twist at the end had me FUMING. I was so irritated! 🙂 And that’s a VERY good thing, because if the book wasn’t good and the characters vibrant, I wouldn’t have cared if Jorieam (spelling?) died or not. But I was spitting mad, and was about to hurl the book across the room (glad now I didn’t :D).
    I am an aspiring authoress, and one of my goals (other then living for Christ) is to be as great (not primarily fame-wise just quality-wise…YOU’RE GREAT!!! :]) as you are.

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