Facebook, Finally

Well, I’ve finally bowed the knee to modernity and reactivated my short-lived Facebook account that I first opened a few years back. I eventually deactivated it because I didn’t really use it very much and at the time, didn’t think I ever would.

So why bring it back? The main reason is that after a brief hiatus, I’m back at work at a new fantasy novel, (introduced briefly in my “A New Start” post), and since the working plan right now is to complete the book before looking to sell it, I realize that it could be a while before I have contract news to announce & even longer before I have a new book for my fans to enjoy.

That’s where Facebook comes in. I’m hoping that those of you who have loyally and graciously supported and encouraged me over the years with The Binding of the Blade will stay with me, waiting patiently for a new series to sink your teeth into. I know that I may not use Facebook much, but you do, so I’d like be available in that world for those of you who want to stay in touch.

So, if you’re a BOTB fan, look me up on Facebook and follow me there as well as here…

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