The Darker Road

Yes, that’s right. ‘TDR’ stands for The Darker Road. That’s my working title for the first book in The Wandering.

Of course, I don’t know for sure yet that either of those will be the actual titles for the book or the series, but they’ve been called that in my head for so long now, I thought I’d go ahead and say so on my blog.

I don’t have a definitive plan for how I’ll do this, but I want to write a series of posts over the next several months, introducing you to the world of The Wandering. There’s a fine line, I suppose, between previews and spoilers, but my intention is to begin whetting your appetite for the book by giving you a glimpse of some of the characters and settings, hinting at their history, and even sharing some of the fantastical elements and mechanics that you’ll encounter in the series.

The Darker Road really is just the tip of the iceberg. The scope of The Wandering is enormous, and the things I preview here are just a peek at that first journey into this new and exciting world. I hope you’ll come along, and I trust you’ll enjoy getting lost in this world as much I have.

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