Avalon Falls

Several years ago, right after I finished writing All My Holy Mountain in 2007, I wrote a crime novel. I wrote a crime novel for several reasons. It wasn’t a series that would take me half a decade or more to develop and write, like BOTB. In fact, as a stand alone novel that was just over half the length of a BOTB book, it took less than a year. It was a story that had been on my mind a lot, and I wanted to ‘get it out.’ And, it was a crime story, a mystery, and I’d been a fan of Mystery! on PBS most of my life (now ‘Masterpiece Mystery.’)

So, I like crime stories, like adult fiction, and I always intended to diversify.

Of course, being a writer, even a small-time writer like me, you develop a ‘brand,’ and the L.B. Graham brand after five epic fantasy novels was pretty set. I was known as a fantasy writer, and while perhaps that could be expanded to be a fantasy/sci-fi writer, or a speculative fiction writer, the overlap between epic fantasy and crime novels isn’t very large.

So the crime novel went quietly into the digital drawer, and I didn’t know if it would ever resurface.

Well, I’ve been on a journey this past year or so into deciding that the publishing world has changed so much that not only is self-publishing no longer something to be avoided at all costs, it is something every writer should do. Call it authorial diversification, like financial diversification, only with more words and fewer numbers.

That’s why I’ve decided to publish two novels through direct to ebook and POD technology (print-on-demand). The first of these will be the crime novel, Avalon Falls. I’m glad for the delay, actually, as it has gotten much better with the rewrites and edits its received over the years. But I’m also glad the time is almost now, as the finished cover testifies. (PS, my cover artist, Abe Goolsby, did a terrific job. Google him & check out his work if you’re looking for some graphic design!)

I hope to have it available soon, as in any week now. When it is, you’ll be able to find it on Amazon as a regular old paperback, or for your Kindle, from Smashwords for just about anything, or for your Nook from B&N. In short, it’ll be available in just about any format you like.

When the book is ready and available, I’ll be announcing a specific day & time for those who are interested and able, to buy Avalon Falls on Amazon, in the hope of giving it a little push out of the gate.

7 thoughts on “Avalon Falls

  • Ohhhhh, that is so exciting! It sounds cool. I’ll be very interested to read something of yours from a different genre. It’s always interesting to see the changes and similarities between an authors different works.

  • I have a 24 hour plane ride on July 11. So if you can get it out before then it would be much appreciated! 🙂
    But really, I am excited for the new book.

  • I love your work, and I was wondering what age group is this book aimed at.
    Exited for it to come out.
    PS. is it going to be available in eBook format?

  • This book will be available as an ebook, and it is definitely for adults. It’s a crime novel, and the nature of the crimes is such that I’d be hesitant to recommend it for anyone under 18.

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