The Ongoing Electronification of BOTB

OK, so ‘electronification’ is a made-up word. Fair enough. My point, however, remains valid. The Binding of the Blade continues on its journey into the eBook world. Since Beyond the Summerland was made available for Kindle and other eBook readers, about 500 copies have been downloaded from Amazon and my publisher’s website, and now Book 2 of the series, Bringer of Storms is also available on Amazon for just 9.99, a considerable savings over the paper version, and Shadow in the Deep should follow soon, perhaps the end of this week or early next week.

So, if you or someone you know picked up Beyond the Summerland for Kindle, then go back and download BOS to see how the series continues. If you haven’t picked up the first book yet, then know that BTS will still only run you .99, so what are you waiting for?

4 thoughts on “The Ongoing Electronification of BOTB

  • I downloaded BTS from your publisher’s website.

    I couldn’t justify $10 on an ebook…I could buy the paper copy for that. 😉 [you can tell I don’t own a Kindle–I only downloaded the kindle program for my computer so I could read BTS! ;D] I love the feel of real paper books. 😉
    The other reason why I didn’t attempt to buy/borrow the next book immediately I was really mad that J died (like really, really, really mad…) I’m over that now, and I’ll read the rest if I can afford them one at a time or beg my library to get them.

    (side writer-ish note:) You have a lot of Tolkien-influence in BTS, but a lot of originality as well. I’ll be curious to see how your future writings are as you further develop your skills! 🙂

    Have you ever been approached about making a movie out of any of the books? (I’m a screenwriter and try to keep up on all the latest Christian fantasy movies. :D)

  • The movie rights for BOTB haven’t been sold, and at this point, they are unlikely to be. Thanks for reading BTS, and when you get a chance, do read further. As hard as losing “J” might have been, I think the rest of the series will reward your perseverance…

  • Will All my Holy Mountain be transferred into ebook? I have really enjoyed all the books so far and I would really rather have all the books in ebook form.

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