Baltimore Signing

So, in a few weeks I’ll be in Baltimore, legendary birthplace of …. me.

As always, when I visit I like to have a small signing at the church I attended when I lived in Baltimore as a kid. Since I went to Australia with my family during June last year, I didn’t go east in the summer and haven’t been “home” in two years. I’m greatly looking forward to it.

Anyway, the signing will be from 6:30 to 8:00 on July 2nd, at …

Aisquith Presbyterian Church
7515 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21234

Maybe I’ll see you there.

12 thoughts on “Baltimore Signing

  • Well, you won’t see me there. I like your books and all but that’s too far for me. 😉 Any stops in Michigan?

  • I really wish I could come. Unfortunately there is no chance for me. I am up in Canada.

  • Hmm…I live in NC, not too far away. I’ll have to check some things.

  • Eek! 7 hour drive. Well, maybe I’ll just have to be satisfied with the Video Journals from the tour. >_>

  • Wow!!! I was just complaining on Wayne Thomas Batson’s blog that authors never do book signings near me! I wonder how far it is from CT to Baltimore? Now I just need to convince my parents…

    How about you and Mr. Batson arrange something in Baltimore together while you’re there? I might be able to get my parents down there for a double book signing… maybe.

  • Wayne Thomas Batson and Bryan Davis did have a joint signing recently, in MD. I hope to get together with WTB when I’m out east, but a joint signing is unlikely this trip.
    As for Oregon, I will be touring the West Coast in October with the Fantasy Fiction Tour 2008. I’ll have more details on that on my site soon.

  • LB, will you be doing any book signings in St. Louis on August 3, 4, or 5? I will be visiting with my family then and would love to meet you.

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