All Roads Lead to the Mountain

As the saga of “The Binding of the Blade” wraps up, all roads lead to the Mountain. I have always loved the imagery associated with the holy mountain in Isaiah, and so creating a world where the central geographic feature was “the Holy Mountain” was a lot of fun. For four books the action has raged around the Mountain, with the occasional scene inside it and more than the occasional reference to it, but now the Mountain itself will become the focus of the story.

In the series, the closing of the Mountain to the people of Kirthanin has functioned as a sort of exile from Eden, a sign and symbol of the consequence for disobeying Allfather’s commands in the making and use of weapons. Now that the story is wrapping up, it is time to go back. It is time to open the Mountain that has for so long been closed. It is time to cleanse the Mountain that has for so long been defiled by the blood of the Titans. It is time to break the binding of the blade that has for so long held the men of Kirthanin in its thrall. For behold, Allfather is making all things new.

Perhaps, then, the words of Isaiah 11:9 about the future of this world will also be true of Kirthanin, “And they will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”

All My Holy Mountain by L.B. Graham

Yes, the little taskbar tracking progress in the publication of All My Holy Mountain has been moved to 100%. That’s because I have my copies. They were shipped directly to me from the printer, and it is only a matter of time before P&R has theirs and they begin to fill orders.

Soon you will have yours (if you’ve ordered it), and then it will be for you as it is for Benjiah and Aljeron, for Valzaan and Wylla, and for all the rest of our friends in Kirthanin, where all roads lead to the Mountain.

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  • Well, congrats on your finishing your last book of the series. I can’t wait till i am holding my own copy 🙂

  • I will get it fairly soon (hopefully). I really like the books and can’t wait to see how they end.

  • Nice post. Nicely done pulling all of that together. I very much look forward to the book, although it will be sad to see the end. So I wait.

  • Yipee! Can’t wait to have my copy in. And congrats on finally having the whole thing available after much hard work and waiting.

  • YES! I am SO excited! I can’t wait for the book! I’ll probably end up getting it and reading it all over night, like I did with the third and fourth ones.

    But I have a question too. Are you going to write more books? After this series is finished I don’t want it to end!

  • Thanks for all the good wishes. I do intend to write more and have posted a bit about that on this site. We’ll see if I’m able to convince any publishers to buy the books that I’m selling.

  • Wow!!! Finally i get to read it! It’s out! I cant believe it! I think all this suspension has made me more excited to do so! But I also ordered it on amazon so it wont be for a while. 🙁 But I’ll just have to wait.

  • I can’t wait!! I ordered mine from Amazon, too. HURRY UP, MAIL CARRIER!! 😀

  • This is totally off topic, Mr. Graham, but how on earth did you come up with names for the places in the books? Not to mention the books themselves? They are so awesome!

  • This is a very difficult question to answer simply, because there are so many different ways to generate names. Some of my names have very specific origins or make specific allusions, others were simply generated because I though the name “fit.” I think, though, it boils down to instinct. Some people have a knack for getting names “right” in fantasy/sci fi, and most of the names they pick work with a few that are duds, and others seem to be the opposite, picking names that are “odd” but not very effective with the occasional winner thrown in, almost by accident. I think most people have been pleased in general with my name selections/creations, so I’m happy about that…

  • I can only randomly come up with names by pressing all the keys on my keyboard at once and ending up with something like this – anciutfgnalgfbdscanvilgnrslv – and would use something like the “Nalg” (which is in the middle) as a name

    but that is just me

    so i would say that i lack the “knack” for coming up with good names:-]

  • LB – I received this book on June 11th and I finished it on June 12th! I couldn’t put it down and it was

    Thanks for the great series – I will be eagerly
    awaiting the next series.

  • I am so depressed. We got an e-mail from amazon. We aren’t supposed to get ours until July 19th. 🙁

  • My book was delayed! I had ordered it June 14th or something like that and it didn’t come until June 26th!
    I’m guessing that you took the title ‘All my Holy Mountain’ from the Isaiah 11:9.
    Very creative!

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