Brock Eastman KickStarter Campaign

Last year I participated in a huge, multi-author scavenger hunt organized by fellow speculative fiction writer Brock Eastman. Brock has an ongoing KickStarter campaign that wraps up in about a week, so I wanted to post some information about it. Here it is:

Sages of Darkness is an exciting action packed series about a demon hunter. It put readers face to face with the battle between good and evil and teaches them about spiritual warfare. HowlSage the first book was released in 2011 with Destiny Image. But in 2012 Destiny Image closed their fiction imprint and the series was left in limbo. With the rights to all three books returned and the covers given to me, I set out to fund the editing of the final two books via a KickStarter campaign. This campaign seeks to unite myself the author with readers so we can publish the trilogy together. I’ve kept the budget as low as possible and every dollar will go to either the editing or reward fulfillment of the campaign. It’s an exciting endeavor, but one that has been successful for other authors and publishers. Please team up with me to provide more great YA christian fiction!

You can join the KickStarter here: