It’s a Wonderful Remake

It’s time for my Friday Fun post, in which I offer nothing more than perhaps an opportunity for some amusement.

A month or so ago, for the Friday Fun post, I reflected on who I would cast if Hollywood were to make a remake of “Highlander,” and I asked for your suggestions too. I enjoyed that exercise – and your suggestions – so I thought I would try again.

If Hollywood were so audacious as to tamper with a classic and remake Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life,” who would you cast in the main three roles: George Bailey, Mary Hatch and the angel, Clarence?

I’m not 100% sold on any of my choices, but here they are for what it’s worth…

I would cast Jim Carrey as George Bailey. I think Carrey could do the disappointed dreamer role pretty well, as I always think there’s a sad quality about him in his semi-serious roles. This is obviously the hardest call, since Jimmy Stewart is a legend and almost anyone here will ‘not be the same,’ but I think Carrey could do a good job.

As for Mary, the Donna Reed character, I might go with Amy Adams. She could do the ‘girl next door’ thing for the high school scenes, the librarian/spinster angle for the alternative future, and the Mrs. Bailey role during the latter half.

Clarence is another matter, and I found him hard to cast. I thought of Robert Duvall, if we wanted to give updated Clarence a quiet gravity, but the original Clarence doesn’t bring much gravity. Perhaps Robin Williams could do Clarence, though I suppose Williams and Carey together could give the false impression that this is about the laughs. Still, I like both of them in their various more serious roles, so I think they could pull it off.

What do you think? Who would you cast?

5 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Remake

  • Oh boy, I don’t think I’d be good at this. I’m not really familiar with many actors. I do really like the movie, and am a huge Jimmy Stewart fan. I don’t think I would be a fan of any remake…
    I wonder if Kevin James could pull off either of the male roles you mentioned. But again, he is usually a more humorous character. It would be different, at least.

  • I’m not sure any casting choices, other than what you’ve already suggested, would be as well-suited for the roles. However, some close second choices would be:

    Bryan Cranston as George Bailey. I think he could really hit the joyous nature of young George as well as a haggard, beaten down older version.

    Anthony Hopkins as Mr. Potter. The terrifying Hannibal Lecture as a heartless businessman.

    Tom Hanks (in some old age make-up) could really pull off the helpless Clarence.

    Rachel McAdams might do a good job at Mary.

    Sacha Baron Cohen as Ernie.

  • If he hadn’t died earlier this year, Richard Briers as Clarence.

    Briers was a British actor who played Lieutenant Bardolph in Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V.

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