Meridium – Everybody Wants It

How do people walk above the ground, as though treading on the very air? How do ships sail above the desert sands? How do city lights absorb the sun’s heat during the day and return that light at night, lighting the streets of the great Barra-Dohn? How can a world without fossil fuels like oil and coal have technologies that often rival if not surpass our own?

Meridium. That’s how. In Barra-Dohn, and the world of The Wandering, meridium is both the source and the currency of power. Meridium was discovered in Barra-Dohn, and the city built an empire with it, both by using meridium against her enemies and by selling it to the world. The key was always to be two or three steps ahead of everyone else in understanding at least its martial applications.

The great Academy of Barra-Dohn made sure that happened, and in its walls, the men and women of the Academy labored ceaselessly to unlock the secrets of this great power. Over time, generation by generation, Barra-Dohn and much of the world began to put its hope and trust in meridium, and Kalos who had made meridium, as he had made all things, was largely forgotten. The Temple of Kalos was essentially abandoned, becoming over time the home of the Academy. Out with the old God, in with the new.

A storm is coming, though, and with it a power greater than any Barra-Dohn has ever seen, and all the meridium in the world won’t save it.

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  • Some have commented on this to me, so I think there are echoes of Dune – and I think the desert topography of book 1 will highlight those – but I think they’ll fade as the series progresses. Believe it or not, I’ve never read Dune, though it has long been on my ‘to get to’ list. I’ll have to do that, sooner rather than later.

  • Hello! I just finished reading all of your posts since you started the blog. It was very intresting seeing time fly by so fast–especially between the two leap years. I have read the BOTB and loved it (except the end of the first book) and so have my Mom and some of my brothers and sisters.
    I was very excited to read that you will have more books coming out. I have a couple of questions from some of the other posts.
    Are you still thinking about writing short stories(or have you already written some)?
    And have you finished the non-fiction Bible book you were working on a while back? (I forget exactly what you call it)
    Another comment on cover art, I found it weird that the pictures disagreed with the text. No one could have had a weapon on the Holy Mountain. The dragon looked very little like Sulmandir as described in the book. It would be nice to have the cover fit the story. Of course I realize you are not in control of that but just something I always wanted to say since I read the series so there it is.
    Well…now I get to wait for your posts like everyone else. Please post often. I will look forward to the release of your new set of trilogies.

  • Hey William, thanks for posting. A few answers to your questions.

    (1) No, I never did write those BOTB ‘extra’ stories. I may one day, probably as a short ebook, but right now I have my plate full with other things.

    (2) And no, I never finished “Take & Read,” the book intended to be companion for reading the Bible cover to cover. My agent at the time felt sure we had a buyer, but the publisher we thought would buy it said no & it fell to the backburner.

    (3) I completely agree on the cover art, especially the cover for “All My Holy Mountain.” I hate it with a passion. The editor in charge of the project at my publisher & I had discussed a plan for all the covers, and when they sent me this cover at an early stage, I was stunned because it (a) wasn’t at all what we had planned and (b) was remarkably inappropriate for the book. The whole movement of the series was toward the destruction of weapons, and the cover is obviously in stark contrast to this, showing a Titan with a massive battle-axe. I objected but the editor dismissed my objections out of hand. It was infuriating. Even now, almost 4 years later, it ticks me off. I can’t stand the cover! It’s yet another reason why authors are tempted in this new world of ePublishing & P.O.D. to go out on their own – creative control even of things like this.

  • So i’ve been a big fan of your binding of the blade series ever since i read it a few years back. I honestly can’t wait until your next book is out. which leads me to my question: is there any way you could give me a loose estimate on when the 1st of your new books will be published? i’ll appreciate any answer and patiently await the up-coming masterpiece 🙂

  • Yes, I think it will be pretty epic. ‘The Wandering’ is only a trilogy, but I plan to do a second trilogy, that will follow up on the these three. So, all told, I see 6 books, and they all begin with “The Darker Road.”

  • The picture of the boat sailing on the sand looks pretty cool.Would you mind telling how the boat was moving on the sand?

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