OK, here’s the deal. One of you suggested in a comment a little while ago that I give you all an acronym by which to refer to the book I just completed. This way, I wouldn’t be giving away the working title, which I’m reluctant to do online when the book isn’t under contract, and yet at the same time, I’d be giving you something to call it.

So here it is. TDR. If you want to ask about, think about, root for or even pray that my new book finds a publisher, feel free to refer to it as TDR.

And here’s a big, really amazing hint – the “T” in TDR stands for “The.”

Wow. I know. It’s blowing your mind, isn’t it?

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  • Awesome! Thanks! I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement when I saw the title of this post. Now to start guessing…

    This is the book title, not the series, correct?

  • The Deepening Rift?
    The Dark Raptor?
    The Deaf Rambo?
    The Dumb Rabbits?
    The Doomed Runners?
    The Danged Rum?
    The Dung Room?
    The Dancing Rainbow?
    The Dingleberry Road?
    The Dirty Rail?
    The Deafening Raspberries?
    The Dandy Roof?
    The Dale (of) Ralph?
    The Ding Ring?
    The Doodling Redwood?
    The Done Run?
    The Domed Route?

    Just kidding.

    Congrats on the big finish! I’ll certainly send some prayers heavenward!

  • Okay, awesome. Let’s see. If there are a total of one million words in the english language, and D will take up about three percent of that, R four to six. Okay, just 110-140 thousand words! And many of those are verbs, too! But then, “The” could refer to an action, (The Dying Reepicheep). And, too, like I just brought up, one or both of the terms could be specialized words.

    Okay, I give up. At least we got The DR or tDR

    Sam Burke

  • this is like the first time ive been on ur site in a while ( like since i fineshed all mty holey mountain) Dude im realy pumped about this new book it sounds sooooooooo cool. let us all know when u get it published like im realy phsyeced. is this like the mistery one u where talking about a loooong time ago? TDR……. The Dead Return… hope it gets published. then y’all let us know the name k man????

  • Okay, one question Mr. Graham. Last series (BotB), you finished the first book and just went ahead with the next one. Are you going to do that too, with The DR? (And what’s the series title acronym?)

    Sam Burke

  • Sam,

    When I finished BtS, I went right on to BoS because the whole series was under contract and I was on a pretty strict schedule. Since this series – acronym not yet released to the public:) – is not under contract, I probably won’t go right on to the next book just yet…


  • Hello Mr. Graham. Enjoyed the BotB series. My guess for the acronym is: The Dragons Return.

    Thank you for writing Christian work that we know will not have any bad language or such in it.

  • okay Mr. Grham… all I can say is that your book’s r amazing and im real xcited about this new one, so lets hope its like a series or somthing cause than ill b realy xcited cause i’ll b waiting 4 all the rest of them. but anyway. Thanx 4 all the great reading!

  • The dangers of having too much time on your hands . . .
    The Deadly Race
    The Day (of) Reckoning
    The Dark Road
    The Dizzy Ringwraith
    The Dragon Rampant
    The Deer Returns
    The Desperate Reef
    The Delightful Receptionist
    The Dastardly Reporter
    The Dread Roberts
    The Dead Rising
    The Disreputable Rewrite
    The Distracted Reaper
    The Denial Rapid
    The Deep River
    The Dashing Rasputin
    The Delusional Rat
    The Desperate Reader
    The Director’s Revenge
    The Direct Retort
    The Decrepit Raft
    The Daft Representation
    The Dire Report
    The Deliberate Repetition
    The Disastrous Reel
    The Destructive Rampart
    The Deranged Relative
    The Dough Rises
    The Different Route
    The Definitive Relapse
    The Diffusion Room
    The Determined Robber
    The Derived Response
    The Disorderly Rapture
    The Disturbing Rule
    The Diseased Rabbit
    The Daschund Relaxes
    The Diuretic Rations
    The Divine Retribution
    The Dyslexic Reprieve
    The Deteriorating Roar
    The Deceased Rulalin (!)
    Or it could always be something like Tom’s Daily Run.
    My brother and I are betting on it involving Dark, Dead, Day, Dragon, or variations, and River, Road, Rises, Returns, Release, or variations. But of course there are always all the options listed above . . .

  • The first draft of TDR is finished. What I’m doing now, is trying to develop a different story while simultaneously revising TDR. The issue will be what to try to sell first, and what will be required to do that…

  • We’re exited about your book and hope it comes out soon! Here are some guesses:The Decaying Rector,The Deluded Reptile,The Deadly Rival…there are more…

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