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I wrote at the end of May about the beauty of summer when you’re a teacher (which I am) and about the 79 day weekend which I was looking forward to enjoying.

Well, weekend’s over.

That’s right, even 79 day weekends come to an end at some point. Yesterday, August 14th, school started. If that sounds early, that’s because my school likes to get a full semester in before Christmas, which I absolutely think is the right thing to do. Where I grew up, in Baltimore, most schools started around Labor Day but ran until mid-June. So, they’d have half of June and then July/August for summer. However, they couldn’t finish a semester by Christmas, so exams were in January, which makes no sense whatsoever. Taking a break for Christmas & coming back to school to be tested over all the things you forgot during break is really odd. Starting in mid-August means we avoid that, and since we get out in late May, we still have a summer break of about the same length, only it is June/July and half of August.

Anyway, I digress. My point is that I’m back. Students are also back. We’re in full swing. Like it or not, my day job has once again exerted its claim upon my time, my talents – whatever they are, and my energy, limited as it is. On the one hand, this is always a bit frustrating. Even if you like your job, most people, given the choice, would rather be doing something else. Summer gives time, freedom, relaxation and so forth. School means work. Even if its enjoyable work, it is work.

However, there is always something energizing about the start of the year, at least for me. I may drag my heels the last few weeks before school starts and mope about going back to work, but once I get going and back into it, I feel the excitement of a new start. I always liked school as a kid, even if I didn’t always admit it, and I still do. This brings me, in a meandering, round about way, to the point I wanted to make.

Do something you love.

If you can’t find something you love, at least do something you like.

In all seriousness, I know that enjoying your work is not the only consideration. Bills must be paid, and teaching, as an example, is not the most lucrative profession. Still, I suspect that I’m a lot happier than many people I know with my job, even many who make a good deal more than I do. More to the point, I suspect that I look forward to my days a lot more than they do.

As far as it lies with you, find a job you like, and do it well. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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