AMHM Update

According to an email I received within the last hour, All My Holy Mountain is supposed to arrive at P&R from the printer by 6/10, which means on or about that date, P&R will start filling orders. If you’ve ordered directly from them, then the book shoud be sent directly to you. If you ordered through Amazon or CBD or someplace like that, then I’d imagine that the books will go first to the retailer and then to you.

I know many of you have been waiting a while and that this is another, unwelcome delay, but real, actual books will be on their way soon. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “AMHM Update

  • Too bad, I ordered through CBD, so I guess it will take longer. On their website, they say it won’t be available until the 27. I hope it’s not that long. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait.

  • Hi, LB, do you think it would be worthwhile to cancel my pre order with amazon and pre order it with P and R? Amazon is $5.50 cheaper but has a release date of 06/20 plus shipping time. P and R are more expensive but have the earlier release date. What do you recommend?
    Your friend,
    Ray Whitney Lakeland Florida

  • Good to know. I finished book IV a few days ago and am anxiously awaiting the final installment. Read the first chapter online at P&R…can’t wait for the rest.

  • WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!:)

    L.B. would you suggest ordering it from P&R for a faster delivery?

  • For those who’ve asked my thoughts on delivery & who to order from, I can’t really say. P&R may be faster, but I can’t guarantee that since I’m not directly involved, so do whatever you’re comfortable with. Probably you get it sooner with direct ordering from P&R, but it is likely cheaper from Amazon.

  • That kinda stinks. I just hope I get my copy before I leave the country for half a month.

  • I work at a bookstore myself, and we got a message from P&R saying they’re going to start shipping them to retailers on the 15th. For us, it usually takes about 2 or 3 days to get them in, and then we can start shipping out to people that order. So I’d expect the 16th or 17th for retailers to start getting them in, depending on how far they are from P&R’s warehouses.

  • Everyone:

    I was 1/2 way through reading Father of Dragons before people who ordered it through Amazon (or other
    christian book distributors) even received it. I think it was the same for SitD, but I honestly don’t remember that far back!

    Hope this helps.

  • Hey,I can’t wait.I didn’t start on the series until book 4 came out,so I haven’t had to wait as long as other.But I still can’t wait

  • I really love your Binding of the Blade series and can’t wait till All My Holy Mountain is out! Seriously this series is my favorite stream of books ever… You’re awesome!!! 😀

  • Happy days. All My Holy Mountain and Last of the Nephilim are hitting the shelves almost at the exact same time.

  • I really want the book to come out. We ordered from Amazon though so it will probably take longer. But I can’t complain, I only started reading the books in March. I really like them.

  • Wow, I stand corrected. We just got a shipment in today from P&R, so I guess they went out even earlier then L.B. was told it was going to happen! As soon as my lunch break hits, I’m gonna grab a copy and start reading!

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