23 thoughts on “Gone to Press

  • yay!!!!!! That’s the best news I’ve had so far this month!!! =)

  • That’s great! I need to start re-reading the rest of the series really soon. When will we see the revised cover? Why was it revised?

  • The publisher makes decisions about things like the cover, and the decision to revise it was one they made without consulting me, so I don’t know what precisely prompted it. As for when it will be revealed, I can’t say. I haven’t even seen it!

  • Yahooooo!!! I first began the series six months before SitD came out. Now after more than two and a half years I can soon finish the series!!!!!!

  • Congrats! I can’t wait! This will be my 3rd time
    re-reading the series. I love these books!

  • Yay! Is there any hope that it will come out any sooner than June?

  • Aw man…*drums fingers*

    So what do I do until then *sob* you’re my favorite author right after Tolkien and Lewis!

  • I had kind-of hoped it might be out sooner than June, too . . . but no worries. 🙂 I am VERY sure it will be well worth the wait.
    Would it be safe to assume that you, Mr. Graham, are more eager for it’s release than we are? After all, you’ve been waiting longest. 🙂

  • Yes!!!! it is almost out

    L.B. do you think the revised cover had anything to do with the dislike of it on the Forum?

    Cause we were all signing petitions that we made and things like that on the forums 🙂

  • I don’t really know that the forums had much to do with it, but then again, I wasn’t really part of the discussion. I know that a particular bookstore close to the publisher expressed concern about the cover with regard to modesty, I think, and the decision to touch it up might have been made with that in mind.

  • I just started re-reading BtS so that hopefully, if I do alot of reading over the next ten days, I can finish re-reading the series before June 1st!

  • I tried reading all of your BOTB books before All my Holy Mountain got into my hands…but it didn’t work. After all, I can’t read almost 2,000 pages in one day! :).

  • This is random, but is it hard to not answer a spoiler question? I ask you this question because I was almost going to question you about who the character is on the cover of All My Holy Mountain, but you probably can’t answer that on this website.

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