Revised Release Date

For those of you who occasionally drop by the BOTB website, you already know this, but my publisher, P&R, has announced that the revised release date for All My Holy Mountain is June 1st. Hopefully, those who have been waiting so patiently (or not, I suppose) all this time, will find that it was worth the wait.

9 thoughts on “Revised Release Date

  • Hello Mr Graham,

    I’m waiting patiently and anxiosly, I have good faith that this final book will not let me down.

    Respectfully your, David Natzke

  • I hope so.I’ve been trying to wait patiently,since the date was pushed back.
    Benjamin Chavers age:14

  • *sighs* I will admit that I’ve been impatiently waiting for it to be released….

    it DOES sound like it will actually BE released June 1st doesn’t it? I mean the cover SHOULD (hopefully) be done by then, right?*sniffles* I WANNA READ AMHM!!!*sobs*
    ohhhh well…..patience is a virtue…..that I need to work on obviously.
    ^.^ ^.-

    thanks for the release date update

  • Well, if the first chapter is any example, this will be an amazing book.

  • I look forward to “All My Holy Mountain” as being the best of the series. I must admit that I was disappointed with “Father of Dragons,” but I suppose it was an important build-up to the last of the series.

    Too bad about the horrendous cover, though. If only they’d take that fellow (whoever he is, probably a Titan) off of the front, it might be the best yet.

  • Yay!! I pre-ordered a copy today (probably the only book I’ll ever pre-order in my whole life) and will probably be marking days off the calendar during all of May. And generally driving my family nuts with the motions of “waiting”. 🙂 Can’t wait!!

  • Ah, I was getting so excited! I can’t wait for it to be released. These are some of the best books ever!

  • aww…. yes i have to say, i am waiting very very inpatiently! ask every one of my friends, if you get me started on botb i wont shut up, especially about how excited i am to read the next one. 😀 tell the guy working on the front cover to hurry up! 😀

  • I don’t really care about the cover even though they do look good. The book is more important and I’m waiting for a good story not a good looking book

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