When Seven is Really Eleven

OK, in light of some of the comments, questions, debates at the BOTB website and more, concerning this whole “Seven Will Fall” post from yesterday, allow me to give a little bit more information.

“Major Character” is a term that can be defined in various ways, so to avoid giving away more than I’d like about All My Holy Mountain but to clarfiy at least a little bit, if you define character so as to include “any plant, animal, creature or person who plays a significant enough role in my story to merit a mention or perhaps a name,” then my unofficial tally of characters who will fall is more like 11 than 7. When I winnow that list down given my unstated criteria for what makes something/someone “major,” then I get 7.

Hopefully that helps. Happy speculating!

10 thoughts on “When Seven is Really Eleven

  • Ahhhh. Now I’m adding to my list (see Seven will Fall Comments) Erigan, a Grendolai, one or maybe two of the named dragons, and the Kumatin. Thanks L.B.

  • Dear L.B.Graham,
    I just hope that this recount dosn’t have Aljeron Balinor.Because he is my favorite charactar in the book,other than Joraiem.
    Benjamin Chavers age:14

  • It doesn’t. Maybe, I’m prejudiced for him, he’s my favorite character too.

  • I have a terrible feeling that Koshti will fall and that will be SOOOOOOOO sad…

  • If Koshti or Seagan dies I will die too. My heart will break. You’re not going to kill them off are you l.b.?

  • Benjiah can’t die… right? But Wylla could… ooh, I can’t wait to find out who does, but at the same time, I DON’T WANT TO KNOW! Wait, yes I do. Guess all of us won’t be doing anything in June except READING, right??? Thank you for these can’t-put-down books, Mr. Graham!

  • I just finished the book, and by my count there are twelve. I assume the Kumatin counts as one, right?

  • Thanks so much for the blog! When I read it, I became really nervous, since I was attached to the characters (nice work on that!). So I read the book All My Holy Mountain and it turned out for the better.

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