Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome. You have found, whether you were looking for it or not, the blog of author L.B. Graham. Now that you’re here, why not stay a while?

The entries that you will find here can be divided into three main categories…

1. Reflections on Writing – There will be posts about my published works and perhaps at times, my works as yet unpublished. There will also be posts on the works of others and maybe even the writing process in general.

2. Reflections on Faith – By faith, I do not mean belief in a generic sense, but the historic Christian creed and life lived in pursuit of fidelity to that creed. You need not share my own convictions to find the subject interesting, so I hope that even if we do not agree on these matters, that the presence of these reflections will not drive you away.

3. Reflections on Life – I am a writer and a Christian, but I am not only these things. I am a husband and father. I am a teacher. I am a pilgrim in this world like each of you, and I will share my reflections on it from time to time, for what they are worth. I hope you enjoy them, and I look forward to hearing from you in turn.

So once again I invite you, take off your coat, settle in and stay awhile. If now isn’t the time, bookmark the page and come back whenever you’d like.

7 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blog!

  • Hello Mr. Graham!
    I’m eagerly awaiting the final book to your Binding of the Blade series! This is my first time on your site so I don’t know if it’s been suggested before but I think this series would make a great movie!…particularly if someone like the producer of The Lord of the Rings (his name escapes me) were to be the producer. He sticks so closely to the text and is a stickler for detail.
    In any event, is there a date in April when the final book will be out?
    Thanks again for the first four! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them. Laurie

  • The cover for “All My Holy Mountain” is behind schedule, so I wouldn’t want to commit to a date. I’ve just been telling people ask that I hope the book will be ready in “April/May.” Sorry that’s so vague, but it is something out of my hands.

  • I doubt that you are going to stop writing after the Binding of the Blade series (at least I hope you’re not!). Are you allowed to tell us what your next book project will be?

  • I’ve blogged a bit about some of my ideas, but I need to be vague since none of them are under contract. As soon as I have news about what is next, I’ll be sure to post about it.

  • i loved your books Mr. Graham! they were so hard to put down. i was actually lucky because when i got to the fifth book it was already out. (i started reading the series sometime around when the fifth book came out.) the end of the series was so very good and a great ending. i wish the series had more books in it. are you going to continue to write books? i also loved how i could see the Bible in it. when i read my Bible, i find more and more things that were in your books that are in the Bible. thanks for the great stories to read.

  • I loved your The Binding of the Blade books! I say they are my second favorite books ever. (The Lord of the Rings being the first of course.) I am soooo glad I stumbled onto your blog. I know that I will be a consistent reader. Thanks you so much for writing the books. In many ways they truly did change my life.

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