The Waters Rise

I first came to St. Louis in August of ’93, which is a year no one around here will ever forget. I came cross country from Baltimore in my little, two door Toyota Tercel through a blistering summer heatwave, all that I owned of any significance in the hatchback. I had been vaguely aware, as[…]


It’s Memorial Day weekend, so all over the country people are stocking up on food for the grill – though here in St. Louis its been hopelessly rainy all spring and any plans for a barbecue are an act of sheer optimism. In any case, a three day weekend is always cause to celebrate, especially[…]

Teaching Seniors – The Joy & The Sorrow

The coming of May brings sheer delight to the hearts of students everywhere. Teachers too, for that matter. The rhythm of the school year proclaims, loudly, that enough is enough. It is time for everyone to take a break. We’ll start again in August and have another go. If you’ve ever taught high school seniors,[…]

In the Name of Love

“Early morning, April 4, a shot rang out in the Memphis sky. ‘Free at last,’ they took your life, they could not take your pride.” U2 fans will recognize the above, a quote from “Pride,” a big hit in 1984 on the fantastic album, Unforgettable Fire. The reference is of course to Martin Luther King[…]

Leap Year

All right, I’m just going to put this right out there. Anyone who has a blog or personal website or whatever and just ignores the 29th of February is crazy. How can you do that? You won’t get another chance to post on the 29th of February until 2012! So, whatever mundane duties your life[…]

For the Love of It

Do you love it? Do you love writing? When you can’t, when time or life or whatever prevents you from accessing your pen & paper, your keyboard, your microsoft word file, do you hunger for the moment you’ll have the chance again? Is telling a story, crafting a sentence, communicating a thought, an idea, an[…]


Having a .com after my name is a little strange. A lot strange, actually, as swirling and indeterminate images of internet commerce wholly unrelated and alien to my name are conjured by the thought. I’m not a global bookseller sans bookshops or an online auction house, so I’ve never really thought about being a .com.[…]