Defining Our Terms

I said in my 8/20 post that I’d come back to my discussion of Christians and the way they deal with the subject of evolution. My point here is in one sense, very simple – whenever we debate with anyone, a crucial step in the process is always to define your terms. As Mark Twain[…]

Quiet Places

One of my habits is stopping at McDonald’s on my way to work for a drink and a few minutes of quiet reading. I get up pretty early, a little after five, and I’m usually in my booth before six with drink in hand and book before me. I was never a ‘morning person,’ not[…]

Raise Your Hopeful Voice

It is interesting how things work, sometimes. The previous post was from Friday, and as the tone of it suggests, I was feeling pretty unsure of where I am as a professional writer and where I am going. That evening when I got home, my wife had picked some movies up from the library. (I’m[…]

Back to School

I wrote at the end of May about the beauty of summer when you’re a teacher (which I am) and about the 79 day weekend which I was looking forward to enjoying. Well, weekend’s over. That’s right, even 79 day weekends come to an end at some point. Yesterday, August 14th, school started. If that[…]