Peter’s Story – Replay

Starting tomorrow, I plan to re-post a series of brief reflections on the events of Holy Week from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, written in a fictionalized way from Peter’s perspective. These are from a couple of years ago, so if you’ve been following this blog, you’ve seen them before. Whether you have or haven’t,[…]

Raise Your Hopeful Voice

It is interesting how things work, sometimes. The previous post was from Friday, and as the tone of it suggests, I was feeling pretty unsure of where I am as a professional writer and where I am going. That evening when I got home, my wife had picked some movies up from the library. (I’m[…]

Strength that stoops to conquer

As Christmas draws near, I think of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ famous poem, “The Windhover.” Hopkins dedicated the poem to Christ, but many believe that the poem is itself, about him, not just dedicated to him. The poem revolves around what my literary mentor, Lee Ryken, called the theme of strength that stoops to conquer. It[…]


Part of believing in the basic notion of a supernatural being who made the world and governs its operations is that it removes a lot of the tendency to see “coincidences” as random. Instead, the idea of Providence, that God watches over his people and provides what they need, becomes the prism through which we[…]